Our growth

Our business has grown 25% year over year since 1998 . Now with over 50 employees and 4   locations and more than 5000 customers, we can help expand our reach into new markets. We will continue to grow, embrace technology, and provide comprehensive solutions to industry challenges. Together we can build a bright and sustainable future.
For the first time in Egypt we introduced a new full working electrical 
E-commerce system and started to export our products to all over the world.

We opened our Fourth branch with more than 12,000 product types.



We started to export and manufacture some of our products.


We opened our third branch and reach 3000 product types.

We introduced a whole new stock management system. 




We opened our second branch with more than 1500 product types.


We started our specialized (Project Electrical Solution)  department.

We started our business in trading electrical products and opened our first branch with about 500 product types.